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Kik Messenger is a free software for Symbian, which allows you to send friends using the app also free SMS. With this, you only need an Internet connection via Wi-Fi or 3G. Wonder, practice!
Automated detection
Kik Messenger needs to run the sender as well as the concept receiver equally make use of the program Kik Messenger on their smartphone. All the curiosity is there. Contacts who've installed the program, using their telephone developed thanks to their user account are mechanically detected by Kik Messenger.
Get variable-platform
Large edge of Kik Messenger application is cross-platform and allows sending emails that are short to friends who've installed on yet another OS that is mobile.
kik online messenger log in
Kik Messenger has all the advantages to become an SMS-Fantastic. Its popularity is depended on by its success. Speak to begin and your pals to exchange messages that are brief free-will!
Kik Messenger lets you send messages without attempt. The program shows also when the other person is inputting the information, that's not a smartphone that is conventional. Received emails appear via practical tellings that enable to be immediately alert to the existence of a conversation.

The Best Way To Delete Your Kik Messenger For Windows Account

Kik Messenger is one of the best chat messenger programs for users globally. Yet, it's a little different from many other messenger programs like WeChat or WhatsApp as it will not need your telephone number to produce an account. You can easily make an account and perform a Kik login using your email address and password within minutes. This special feature h AS made Kik app one of the top programs on the planet. Nevertheless, there are several who might want to delete Kik account plus how won't be known by them. So, in this article, we are going to start to see the official measures that you could use to delete your Kik Messenger account.

You must understand that there is no method to delete your Kik account permanently before we proceed with the measures to delete your Kik account. You will simply deactivate Kik accounts temporarily by following the steps in this informative article and when you decide to proceed on the web and log in, the account will probably be re-activated once again. Though Kik Messenger program enables you to de activate your accounts officially, there's no sound way to remove your account forever.

Measures to Erase Your Kik Messenger Accounts (Deactivate)

You should learn about a number of things ahead, when you opt to deactivate or delete your account with Messenger. You should know your e-mail address you used to generate your Kik accounts and should you not understand then upgrade your e-mail to the present one from the Settings menu in the app.

The following things may cease when your Kik account is deleted by you:

You will discontinue receiving emails together with any Kik messages from Kik.

No one will be able to look you up using your Kik username.

Erase Kik Accounts From Telephone

To delete your Kik account from your telephone, you will need the app installed. So, if the app has been removed by you without deactivating your account, then you'll need to set up the program once more and log-in to your Kik account

You are going to be taken off the associates listing of any individuals who you've talked with on Kik program.

Now, if you genuinely wish to erase your Messenger account, then you'll find TWO ways to do it. You're able to either take action from within the app installed on your own telephone or tablet PC or you can do it from your Computer.

Follow the below steps to de-activate your account:

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Open Kik program and tap on Options.

Pick Your Accounts after which harness Reset.

Input the email address associated to your Kik accounts.

You may get an email containing a link to de activate your accounts.

That's the way you can use the program installed on tablet computer or your telephone number to remove your Kik accounts easily. Now, let us see how you can remove your accounts from a computer.

Remove Your Account From PC

Practice the steps below to remove Kik accounts using your Computer:

Visit this site -

Today enter your email linked with your Kik account and then hit the GO button.

You'll now receive a message containing the de activation link.

Click the link to deactivate your Kik accounts.

So, these were 2 simple techniques you could follow to deactivate your Kik account. However, this approach does not remove Kik account forever, therefore you'll need to avoid yourself from logging-in again using the exact same email address.

If you'd like to develop a new Kik account, then you would have to make use of a fresh email and choose a username that is new and also you may start clean with the program.

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